Mountains - Alps



Slovenia is a mountainous country with over 80% of its territory defined as ”upland”. Most of the northern part is dominated by the Alps, that reach their southeastern limit of distribution in Slovenia and are known as the Southeastern Limestone Alps. In Slovenia the Alps meet the Dinaric mountains that run south-eastwards right through the Balkans. There are three distinct alpine mountain ranges in the country: the Julian Alps in the northwest with the Kamnik-Savinja Alps and Karavanke in the north. The forested plateau of Pohorje in northeastern Slovenia is usually also considered part of the Alps, although its peaks only reach an altitude of around 1500 metres above sea level ( Most of the Julian Alps are protected as part of the Triglav National Park, covering an area of 880 km2. Mount Triglav, with its 2864 metres is Slovenia's highest mountain. The Alps comprise a large variety of different habitats: conifer forests, rich mountain pastures, rocky screes, mountain ridges, vertical cliffs and scenic alpine valleys with waterfalls. Some of the most beautiful areas worth visiting include the Triglav valley lakes, Kriški podi, Krnsko jezero, the Komna plateau, Mangartsko sedlo (Mt. Mangart) and the the Kanin mountain range, Mt. Črna prst, Mt. Breginjski Stol and Logarska dolina. Most of the alpine world above the tree-line (the most interesting habitat) is usually only accessible on foot, by hiking the numerous mountain trails. A few high-altitude areas can be reached by car or cable car and the typical alpine wildlife can be enjoyed without too much physical effort. Access by road is possible in the late spring and summer on Mangartsko sedlo (Mt. Mangart), the Vršič pass and Breginjski Stol, while the Kanin mountain range, Mount Vogel, Mount Krvavec and Velika Planina have all-year-round cable car access. 



Most famous and charismatic species : 



Ptarmigan Lagopus muta 

Snowfinch Montifringilla nivalis

Alpine Accentor Prunella collaris

Wheatear Oenanthe oenanthe 

Alpine Chough Pyrrhocorax graculus 

Water Pipit Anthus spinoletta 

Black Redstart Phoenicurus ochruros

Alpine Swift Apus melba 

Wallcreeper Tichodroma muraria

Crag Martin Ptyonoprogne rupestris 

Rock Bunting Emberiza cia 

Raven Corvus corax 

Rock Partridge Alectoris graeca 

Rock Thrush Monticola saxatilis 

Corncrake Crex crex 

Ring Ouzel Turdus torquatus

Black Grouse Tetrao tetrix 

Golden Eagle Aquila chrysaetos

Griffon Vultures Gyps fulvus 

Lesser Redpoll Carduelis cabaret 

Alpine Ibex Capra ibex 

Alpine Chamois Rupicapra rupicapra 

Alpine Marmots Marmota marmota 

Mountain Hare Lepus timidus 

Snow Vole Microtus nivalis

Adder Vipera berus

Nose-Horned Viper Vipera ammodytes

Asp Vipera aspis 

Smooth Snake Coronella austriaca

European Green Lizard Lacerta viridis

Viviparous Lizard Zootoca vivipara 

Horvath’s Rock Lizard Iberolacerta horvathi

Alpine Salamander Salamandra atra

Alpine Newt Ichthyosaura alpestris 

Apollo Parnassius apollo

Lorkovič’s Brassy Ringlet Erebia calcaria

Triglav’s Sooty Ringlet Erebia pluto triglavensis 

Stygian Ringlet Erebia styx

Styrian Ringlet Erebia stirius 

Asian Fritillary Euphydryas intermedia, 

Marsh Fritillary Euphydryas aurinia debilis

Shepherd’s Fritillary Boloria pales 

Alpine Heath Coenonympha gardetta 

Eagle Owl Bubo bubo 

Peregrine Falcon Falco peregrinus

Golden Eagle Aquila chrysaetos 

Blue Rock Thrush Monticola solitarius 

Rock Dove Columba livia

Red-rumped Swallow 

Alpine Accentors Prunella collaris 

European Cat Snake Telescopus fallax

Dalmatian Algyroides Algyroides nigropunctatus 

Dalmatian Wall Lizard Podarcis melisellensis