Yes it is true, but wildlife photography has very unique equipment needs. Wildlife photographers spend hours waiting for the right moment ! You need a right gear and you must be prepared for that moment ! You also need much more outdoor equipment as a wildlife photographer ! You need a lot of camouflage clothing, hide tent, floating hide, high alpine equipment, gear for extreme cold conditions and also navigation gear ! You don't need the latest and the most expensive gear, but it must be good for your needs ! Wildlife Photography is the main focus and I always try using the equipment that works best for me. I am not locked to a newest stuff , but instead I simply use what I find best for the job. Tele Lenses are a must for Wildlife Photography and how long depends on how close you can get and on the size of your subject. I made most of Bear pictures with a 300mm, but that’s because they are big and close, for Birds you need really long lenses, also for animals that are very shy. For these, I use a 500mm, sometimes even with 1.4x Teleconverter, but this lens is big, heavy and not a lot of fun to carry around.  Long Telephoto lenses need good support. When hiking or otherwise traveling on foot, a sturdy tripod is the norm.  It’s not a great problem when shooting from a hide, but if I’m hiking in the mountains sometimes i use a teleconverter on the 300mm lens.