photo: Dorian Voda
photo: Dorian Voda



name : Alexander Voda

product of the 1975 generation

living in Ptuj , north-east Slovenia

Nature photographer since 2014 

How would i describe myself  as a Wildlife Photographer, or let's say, how would i describe what i do ? I am passionate about Wildlife and Nature and i think, that i'm a Naturalist first and then the Photographer. For me, the subject of the picture is always more important, than the picture. It`s all about those magic moments in Nature ! To go outside and photograph the Wildlife on a cool, crisp autumn morning ! To hear the songs of our diverse Songbirds; to hear an Owl in the twilight; to see how the Kingfisher catches Fish; to hear Woodpecker drumming during the first break of sunlight; to see the soaring majestic White-tailed Eagle; to see the Alpine Ibex climbing the Rocks; to see how Hoopoe feeding her offspring in the nest; to hear the sound of Moor Frogs when mating; to see the Brown Bear in the pristine nature and to feel the freshness of our forests, fields, ponds, and rivers is what keeps me vibrant and alive. Nature will always be there for us if we take care of it. We are the stewards of our renewable natural resources. Wildlife will renew itself so long as we learn to manage its habitats and its populations and balance their needs with our needs. My favorite work process is to start with a dream of a picture, then i start with my research, exploring the certain animal in its habitat and when it all comes together ending by a picture that satisfied my dream, the work is successfully done. A lot of my research goes into how these animals live, move, hunt. How territorial are they ? Are they social or solitary ? What are my chances of finding one ? How much effort i must put in, to getting to the area they're likely to be found ?  What are my chances of seeing one and if I do find one, will I be able to get into a position where I can make a picture?  What attracts me the most in wildlife photography is that trill of unknown and unpredictable. It is my intention to use these images of nature to bring the people`s awareness of what beautiful wildlife we have all around us and the importance of conservation  and the need to preserve our natural heritage. I have visited over 30 countries in the World, some of them several times, but there are still a lot of beautiful countries, incredible natural and wild places on my list, that i haven't visited , but hopefully will do so in the coming future. 


Over the recent years i become a member of Canon Professional Services and various organizations, such as Association of Slovenian Nature Photographers, European Wilderness Society, International Federation of Wildlife Photographers, Wildlife Conservation Society  and International Freelance Photographers Organization. Occasionally i give lectures on the subject of  Wildlife photography at various events and i am also a guide on some wildlife and nature photography workshops. My Images have received several Awards at International Photo Competitions and have been on display at various Exhibitions created within the Conservation Projects from LIFE Naturaviva, National Institute of Biology, Goričko Nature Park and Magical Nature hosted by Association of Slovenian Nature Photographers. My Photographs and Stories also have been published in several publications around the world such as National Geographic Magazine, Wildlife Photographic Magazine,  BBC Wildlife Magazine, Wild Planet Photo Magazine,  Slovenian Hunter Magazine and Nature of Things Magazine.


Wildlife photographers spend hours and hours waiting for the right moment ! You need a right gear and you must be prepared for that moment ! You also need much more outdoor equipment as a wildlife photographer ! You need a lot of camouflage clothing, hide tent, floating hide, high alpine equipment, gear for extreme cold conditions and also navigation gear ! You don't need the latest and the most expensive gear, but it must be good for your needs ! Wildlife Photography is the main focus and I always try using the equipment that works best for me. I am not locked to a newest stuff , but instead I simply use what I find best for the job. Tele Lenses are a must for Wildlife Photography and how long depends on how close you can get and on the size of your subject. I made most of my pictures with a 500mm lens, sometimes even with Teleconverter, but if I’m hiking in the mountains most of the time i use a teleconverter on the 300mm lens.  500mm lens is big, heavy and not a lot of fun to carry around.  Long Telephoto lenses need good support. When hiking or otherwise traveling on foot, a sturdy tripod is the norm.  


All of the photographs on this website are single image captures without HDR (High Dynamic Range) or multi-image compositing techniques. I do not lighten photos in post production and try to keep the light natural, as it was at the moment the photo was taken. Most of the time the light is very bad, but that`s how it is. No focus stacking or blending of multiple exposures has been used and there are no overlayed textures or dropped in skies or foregrounds. All of the photographs on this website were shot with Canon digital cameras in raw and post processed in Adobe Camera RAW. Adjustments include: White Balance, Color and Tone, Capture Sharpening and equivalent techniques to darkroom dodging and burning. Any sensor dust spots are removed in post production - but that is the extent of any digital cloning or manipulation. Post processing is utilised to faithfully reproduce the natural colours and light captured in the field. Never to create something that wasn't there.